What we do.

It takes courage to trust someone with your business, but we work with many people, who trust us everyday.

We do our research, and pick our client’s brains to understand who they are and what their product means to them. Then we go to work creating bespoke brand and pack designs which represent them and attract the target market they want to tap into.

Our main areas of expertise are below - and we also make damn good coffee.


/// Bespoke Identity Design

We have a simple ideology when it comes to logos and identities; design them with the aim of making friends. Because that’s what their fundamental purpose is.

A brand is not just a logo. An identity has a personality - and all the building blocks must be properly considered and executed so they work together in unison. It's the salesperson on pack when you're not there to sell it.

We create the foundations that will underpin and support the entire visual system, from the logo/wordmark, colour ways, typography through to the visual and communications language.

/// Packaging Design

We design branded pack solutions that are beautiful and — just as importantly — functional.

Every product is different and should be approached differently. We create pack designs that are tailored to not only work best on-shelf; but that showcase our clients products in the best light. That means working closely with manufacturers and printers to choose the right substrate and shape for each product. We also understand print; ensuring that all design decisions we make are right for the product and are cost-effective for our clients’ budgets.

/// Printed Collateral

We ensure consistent application of our client’s products across all printed collateral.

That means what the consumer sees on shelf needs to be the same across all other print applications. We design and manage multiple print projects from point of sale, display design, brochures, promotional collateral and print advertising to ensure brand consistency.

/// Website & Social Media

Today, an ever-increasing majority of what the consumer sees is in digital form - so it’s just as important that the digital persona of the brand is as considered as the physical form.

That same consistent application of our client’s products on-shelf also needs to apply to what’s online. We design websites and create social media graphics that are a digital representation of the brand persona - ensuring brand recognition across all screen applications. The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing!

/// Animation & Motion

Stuff that moves. We can't get enough of it.

It’s the little things that delight the most, and a well executed animation delights us no end. The efficacy of motion in both entertaining and informing users is extremely compelling, so we implement it more and more in our projects.

/// Naming and Verbal Language

Your customers are real people. So you need to talk to them. Engage and have a distinct tone of voice and personality that’s consistent with the personality of your brand.

Find your point of view as this allows you to ground your perspective. It will give you more to talk and write about, and it will help your audience to be more receptive to the cut of your jib. If you don’t have a point of view you can’t talk about anything definitively can you?